Hit count help

Does anybody know how to make it so that an object is ended after taking more than one hits from a projectile?
I’m working on a FPS game an am trying to make it so that a turret is destroyed after taking five hits.

Well, on a collision between your bullet and the turret, use a Property actuator to decrease the health of the turret. When it’s equal to 0, destroy the turret.

Yeah, I guess that solved it…
I just have another question, how do I get the turret to fire back?
Is there like some tutorial or some place I should look?

I haven’t tried, but let the turret ‘track-to’ you, and keep on firing projectiles. Or will thet make the game too hard?

It makes the game quite fun actually. It adds an opposing force to the level.
The turret doesn’t constantly fire, but fires every 100 tics/frames/pulses/i don’t know what to call this unit.