hit hard- collision?

Hey all,
After such a speedy and very insightful reply to my last post, I am hoping the same happens with this one.
Yes…Im fairly new to this and to me seems like a very simple question to ask…but here goes…
I have two objects…A & B (say)
I have movement control over A. When it colides with B, I want it to stop… not go through it, not push B into a physics experiment…but stop, without B moiving a Blender unit. However, I wish to maintain control over A.
I guess the best example would be me (A) walking into a wall (B) then having the ability to still move around.
Make sense?
Thanks in advance…this forum is really shaping up to be a good place to hang!

A-actor with dynamics, B-only actor,do not apply dynamics…that’s all.