Hitachimaru - Emo Ninja For Hire

Hi guys. Here is a low poly head of a ninja. That’s why he doesn’t have any lips he’s wearing ninja gear :rolleyes:

315 faces excluding the eyeballs.

Does anyone have tips for ears and making form fitting facial masks?

If you have a ninja head that you want to discuss feel free to post him here I want to see it and study the mesh. Thanks

Hey, can you post a wireframe of the mesh. Take a screenshot in Edit Mode, it will superimpose the edges on top of the solid mesh. Right now, Its hard to see the shapes very well because of the weird shading (make sure you don’t have double vertices and hit AKEY followed by CTRL+N to recalculate normals); although this could just be because of the low resolution. Provide a wireframe in side view as well.

Its a good start. To create a mask, I would duplicated the polygons where the mask will be, separate with PKEY and then tweak it a little. I’m not quite sure how you would do this if the mask and head were part of the same mesh.

Since you asked me earlier about the ear’s front/end, here’s a picture of the one I did:

I extruded the red edges a little more and then formed a hole with the cyan edges. These were used to connect it to the head mesh.

You’re aiming for a lowpoly mesh. I looked at this without subsurf and shading looks quite ugly.

Whoa, thanks. I didn’t check this one too.

Well I will include an update to my WIP thread. I guess I’ll add more detail to him later even though you’ve already seen him wiz.

Btw, the mesh of the head is extremely simple. I’ve worked on another head
after this one and looking back, this mesh is so much simpler. It’s not as pretty as your Joan of Arc is of course =p

also, wiz, there is no subsurfing in this render. I think its satisfying to model without it while going for low poly counts

Great modelling, but are ninja’s dressed like that?
He looks more like a cyborg now. That nail in his nose is pretty funny.
Are you going to animate it?

It has been in my experience that a ninja is inclined to dress however the hell he damn well pleases =p

whose gonna stop him; you can’t protect yourself from a flipped out ninja

I want to rig him eventually, maybe even make a full body mesh and skeleton. But I have a lot to learn about
materials and stuff before I can UV map him? is that the term? Yeah, I think so.

If I don’t make a full body mesh of him, at least I’ll want to rig his face. I’ll then want to make an animation from that.

Thanks for commenting.

There are some weird artifacts on the right side of the mask (there’s a vertical line running to the bottom of the mask). Also, you should stretch the mask over his nose (not hiding all the horns/nails sticking out of his face).

I’ve already mentioned this before: That triangular stuff on his head looks too weird. You could maybe replace it with something thats more recognizable. Right now, all I see is a triangle.

I have nothing against lowpoly work. This is very good as I like the concept you’re going for. What I don’t like is the sharp shading changes along the edges:

  • Have you applied “Set Smooth” on all vertices?
  • Make sure you don’t have double vertices.
  • I don’t think normals are a problem but you can always recalculate them to be safe.

One final thought, can you post wireframe versions in front and side view (or atleast a 3/4 view from the side).

Keep up the good work.

Yeah I fixed the mask (even though its not shown here >.<). And I have to admit that the work I’ve done here is pretty damn messy. A lot of the problem is that my camera only takes pictures in perspective mode, while I did all my modeling on orthographic mode, so for whatever reason the dimensions are a bit off.

The 3 triangles near the bridge of the nose seem to be messy. Can you try the following:

Introduce a loop in the nose bridge (green). That should allow you combine 2 triangles to a quad. Follow the blue lines to create a new loop using the knife tool. Introduce the little edge marked in blue as well to combine the other 2 triangles. You should now be able to eliminate the loop in red. I can’t see the flow from the face to the mask, so I can’t tell if these operations are possible. I’m not sure if I’m explaining this well.