HitFilm express free

don’t know how long the offer will last though http://www.hitfilm.com/express

it’s tied to a short by the Film riot guys and the source files and tutorials are available for that too

i was very excited for this but when i tried to export tracked camera data .hfcs files from blender (using addon: http://hitfilm.com/forum/discussion/4602/updated-blender-hitfilm-script)
i was unable to import it in Hitfile 3 Express "got error:
" :frowning:
i hop there will be a fix for this

yeah, if check the interface you’d realise, that this version is very barebones, in that none of the advanced plugins are offered u have to buy them :frowning: …still seems a useful addition to a software arsenal and at no cost too, I already work between blender and resolve lite if I find anything that hitfilm does better than blender or resolve I’ll use it…in the end its about what gets the job done

mmmm am not quite sure about this, i have asked the staff at Hitfilm and they said that importing Composting files should work fine. but i think this might be an issue with the script it self? i also tried using another addon that export .ma “MAYA” camera data which imported fine the camera and tracking points but there was other issues with the movements and rotations.
i will be missing around with to see what i can come up with.
over all this is an amazing app with all the features that it has and workflow, i like it and thanks for the share

Thanks for the heads up. It won’t open at all on my computer, but my laptop’s specs are so low I’m not surprised.

if I find anything that hitfilm does better than blender or resolve I’ll use it

I used HitFilm 2 for quick edits because it was simpler than Blender’s VSE. Simple things like cutting a clip or moving it around were more cumbersome in Blender compared to HitFilm 2.

Oh, very cool. I grabbed v2 when it was free for a while, looking forward to trying v3. Thanks for sharing the news!

Has anyone a link what has changed in V3 Express (compare to V2 Express).
The only information that I have found are Layout changes.

glad to help where I can…the more good tools you can have access to the better IMHO cheers

can the free version activation be transferred to a new computer.(after system upgrade)

Remade: Yes, it can, I just transferred mine. It can only be activated on one computer at a time though.