Hitman like character(update 1)

I got bored with the starfish

So I modeled this by using poser 3(well I actually used a sample model from the ones that poser 3 offered,I just changed the face a bit) but I imported into blender,textured it into blender,rendered it with blender.

(I want to create a hitman"Mr"47" like character)

Now I want to create a scene for him.
Please post your C&Cs or ideas about how the scene should be


i was just about to comment how much better your modeling skills became, but then I read the post. Poser import? Blah! Lame lame lame. :<

Have fun rigging that…

Also, try turning on AO, and alot of the materials have too much specularity. It makes it look like plastic. Hell, if you can do a good job of texturing it ( I really liked what you did with that raptor head), i’ll give you props for that. :smiley:

I don’t have the skill required to model smth like that, so I used poser.

By the way I have AO on.

I will try to do my best texturing it


Added pixar looking eyes
improved skin shader

please post comments about the texturing or lighting


It looks like a women :slight_smile:

I have only one comment; doesn’t his arms look a little short? They look kind of stubby to me. You might want to elongate them.