Hitman meets Riddick (or: lurking into organic modeling)



No bump maps and no SSS, Indigo really doesn’t make organic modeling too comfortable. But I don’t want to do another bathroom nor do I want to go back to raytracer village, so there you go. :slight_smile:
More probably to come…(I’ll post a wire when I get those $%§$% edgeloops under control)

Looking good, except that those collare bones are wwaayyy too harsh. It lookis like the skin is stretched over metal bars or something.
good looking model overall, cant wait for the finished result.
peace man, and good luck

A couple spots on his cheeks look angular that shouldn’t, resulting in the good old-fashioned ‘mouthful o’ marshmallows’ look, also known as the chipmunk effect. In your model, fortunately, this is only very, very slight, bordering on invisible, but I’d work on a couple areas.

The nose seems off. Love the goggles!


Small nose job, took one or two marshmallows out of his mouth and reduced the collars. Muscles added. First time I’m modeling muscles, so they might be a bit off, feel free to fire away with the crits. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Looking good…


And a last one before I go to bed. Arms still need tweaking though. :slight_smile:

Looking really nice, there. A couple things, though:

That’s one fearsome outie of a belly-button. XD

Another thing is you didn’t leave space between his chest muscles and his abs. There’s another ridge of muscle between there, that and the ribcage. The abs don’t start right up there.

Also, his shoulder seems to bend too much. The chest muscle should wrap across to the shoulder, not bend like that at the armpit.

Edit: Holy crap, that was a typo and a half, in the last sentence I typed ‘should’ where I meant to type ‘shoulder’

Edit: Twice in the same sentence. I’m a freakin’ genius.

Thank you BlackBoe, I’ll try to incorporate that into the next version. :slight_smile:


Alright. Refined some stuff, and most certainly broke some stuff in the process. :wink:
I’m still not too happy with the arms, the goggles are on the head for now to allow a look on the eyes. The pants are quick&dirty to get an overall feeling for cloth modeling (which admitted I don’t yet have). Legwork is pretty much done (pun very intended) and I am along with those never ending fixes to various muscle structures starting with the hands now (yuk!).
Please be exact when commenting, since it ain’t that easy translating the crits into actual modeling if it’s too vague, thanks. :wink: More to come.


nice, but the belly button tucked into the abs doesnt look very good…