Hitting a girl

What are your views of punching a woman? As I see, girls abuses “Male should never hit a female” which tolerates girls to be a bully. Like this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3uPzsSKgA4 Chris Jericho of WWE hits a female fan because she assaulted him. I’m so sick of girls who threat man like crap because they wont get hurt. Everyone has an equal rights.

If you fear for your life, sure defend yourself, but I wouldn’t go around hitting anybody to prove a point. I was attacked by a bunch of dykes (no offense meant but what else do you call women in leather with arms like thighs adorned with bits of pointy metal) and given a serious beating at a scummy club in Jo’burg called Skanz. I ended up with 12 stitches on my groin, so I feel for you. It was Dyke Nite and I was cocky, but still hurt for weeks. My advice would be keep you eyes open, observe others keenly and try to learn to avoid situations that lead to confrontation. Its a useful skill and will help your character animation skills in Blender no end.

Anything can happen in WWE.

This question seems to come up pretty frequent recently (I’m talking on other boards not just this one)

I myself would not hit a girl unless it’s for my own or others safety.

what? WWE is scripted.
so this is a bit like that “2012” thread that came after the movie.

The WWE video that is shown there is no scripted. Its on the news.

Snookie deserved it

Why should you hit anyone, male of female, unless you’re defending youself/others?

Of course there are martial arts etc, but that’s different of course.

Look for snookiepunch.gif and the backstory behind it and you’ll have your answer

Old news, Wrestling is as real as Britney Spears’s breasts :wink:

EDIT: Joking of course in case someone didn’t understand. But how did Wrestling get so popular in the first way? How people want to watch grown men in tights pound each other is beyond me.

WWE its simply fake and ridiculous, a bunch of very stupid men in underwear faking pain? evolve! and who is chris jericho? Mr NoBody.

TBH if its a female friend hitting me i won’t care, if its someone i don’t know or like then i’m not going to stand there and take it. I will try to restrain them first though.

Dude that’s horrible. Sure she was all up in his grill, but he stole her drinks. She didn’t lay a hand that fool.

That show is loaded with abuse, though. It’s kinda crazy.:confused:

I would never hit a girl.
I would also never hit a guy.

No, she didn’t.

I mean, I agree that her character is … well … “substandard” (which is something that could be said for the entire cast of that show), but there was no reason to hit her.

Physical violence is an inappropriate response to verbal abuse.

When someone hits you, then you can hit them back (regardless of their gender), but still, violence should be your last resort.

Let’s try to learn something from John J. Rambo -> You should never draw first blood.

You have it all wrong. It is ALWAYS acceptable to punch a guido

I would really like to see these guys entering a UFC tournment. They wouldn’t survive one round. :slight_smile:

When push comes to shove, run blender.

Pro-fessional rasslin’ is fake.

Hitting a girl (other than in self-defense if being attacked)- not acceptable. Ditto for a guy.

And one more thing: Why is it that when a man beats a woman, he’s a scumbag, but if a woman beats the krapp out of a man for something, it’s like “You go girl, he deserved it”? (I think that is just wrong… and I’m a woman.)

True that Moonflower. Isn’t there a movie out called “Salt” or something with Angelina Jolie or someone about a chick going around beating the violence out of the ratings ?