hitting the wall with clothing from the 19th centruy.

Hey all.

Im trying to model some clothes from the nineteen centuryand ive hit a wall. so im hoping to get some advice as to how i should proceed.

heres what ive done so far.

so i got a MHX model. made the first layer (the white shirt) with a cube and modeled it into shape with the shrinkwrap modifier.

I then duplicated it to create the secon layer and ripped the centre front vertices to create the over lapping effect…but…

this is what i want it to look like. and those collars are giving me migrans…

any tips/thoughts?

nice start :slight_smile:
will you make them low or high poly… if you do high poly ones i would make those cool buttons too and give them a nice silver material ^^

im going to keep it at a medium poly count ill eventually delete most of the first layer because you’ll never see it, and the second layer with the jacket and pants will be what the armature deforms. so all you’ll really see of my character is his head. the rest will be clothing.

Im just having an absolute nightmare trying to get those damn collars the way i want them.

an update:

ive found similar clothing models for free but they are for poser i think. does blender import poser?

updated version. i deleted the second layer and made the original layer the vest. that way i got the collars to behave. ow im playing around with textures.

mmmm that smooth taste of 19th century attire…NOW WITH PANTS!!!

(batteries sold seperately)