HIV virus in blood plasma


Here is my latest work done for the AutoPack visualization challenge at CGSociety. We were challenged to use this plugin with the application of our choice to download the virus/blood receipts, generate the geometry and make a compelling illustration or video.

Obviously my application of choice is Blender, so I generated the geometry and rendered many layers and parts separately, then took everything to the Photoshop oven to complete the final image you see here.

For the illustration I chose a dramatic moment of the Virus’s life cycle; the part when it binds with a T-Cell (type of white blood cell). After binding, the virus merges with the cell and releases it’s RNA inside the cell.

The virus has a component called gp120 on it’s surface, which binds with the T-Cell receptors (like a key and lock). The second image shows a close-up of those.

I hope you like this rather boring scientific stuff!


Thats pretty extreme. Very cool render and style. Its bi right?

Hi Alin, I’m glad you liked it :slight_smile: … not sure what you mean by “bi”…

Judging has started. Wish me luck! I like to see blender’s name in a winning image, especially on a site like CGSociety.


I must say, I find your work very interesting(and frightening). I am myself rather interested in science. I somehow find this stuff always compelling. And since you have described the life cycle of the virus, it become even more interesting:)

Oh, and the best of luck with the challenge!

That looks amazing!!

Fantastic work, good luck!

Thanks all for the kind words :slight_smile:

He means, did you use Blender Internal (bi) or cycles to render it?

It seems to be anaglyph? Good luck and cool geometry.

He means, did you use Blender Internal (bi) or cycles to render it?

Oh… blender internal.

It seems to be anaglyph? Good luck and cool geometry.


No that’s chromatic aberration.

I am not sure if I like the color tones, it remdins me about sepia photos.

The rest however is pretty good. I am not a big fan of effect design like you see in many renderings that use edge shadowing or color dispersion to add details to the image, they often dont mean really anything or are not in context, but in your case the color dispersion effect adds a nice science touch to it!

Good luck with the competition!

It’s really excellent! You have paid big focus on those details,hope you can receive a good result with the competition.

Thanks all! I’m glad you liked it

Very interesting Jaasar and well done.

Is autoPACK still in alpha?

I wondered about the contest - could you post a link to the entries / winners’ gallery?

Very cool stuff :slight_smile:

Hi Kelly,
There are no winners yet, but here’s the link to the contest:

And yes, autopack is still in development and not in it’s final stage I believe.

All, I have some bad news and great news…

Bad news: my image didn’t win the contest, but it was in Honorable mentions …

Great news: It has been chosen to be published in Expose 11 this year :slight_smile:

Blender will be mentioned :slight_smile:

Awesome - way to go!