HIVE Nodal Logic Tutorials

Since HIVE is already working inside Blender, it’s about time someone documented from beginners to advanced on how to use it. Here I present my tutorials for using HIVE. Currently, the focus is on understanding how HIVE works by creating examples and working through them. We will explore how to implement existing Logic Brick functionality, and the new possibilities HIVE offers.

The best place to view the tutorials is on the tutorial website:

However, my YouTube channel also holds the videos in case the above link were to fail.

I’ll be looking to get into Hive and see how it is in a couple of weeks, so I appreciate your tutorials so far agoose77, Ive found the time recently to watch the first intro one but didnt get much further than that.

Certainly looking forward to seeing some more intermediate/advanced tutorials with stuff in action soon though.

Edit Also the logo is very fitting, I like the hexagonal bee-hive design :wink:

Doesn’t look very user friendly, I wish to have a similar UI as the nodes for compositing and others inside Blender.

It is actually rather user friendly with the latest updates. The tutorials mainly cover creating new workers, but the majority of users won’t need to, as they’ll already be implemented.

I just stumbled on to this thread… Just wondering if there are any new tutorials around. Preferably something like “Hive for Dummies”. :wink:

Yar - the whole hive thing was tricky to get the hang of, as in I did not… lol.

Can’t they be just like GSL nodes but all the stock bricks + menu contexts for everything else?

like add (drop_down)-


Oi vey!
There really doesn’t seem to be much if anything out there, and what there is will definitely not make any converts.
Is anyone even using the system?

To all concerned;
HIVE cannot be “like” other systems, because it is not other systems. The SCA system is severely limited, hence there is little point in implementing it in HIVE. However, Sjoerd is pursuing this (I believe) to make the transition easier.

HIVE for dummies may come in the near future - I don’t tend to use HIVE because I write systems in Python myself, but that isn’t to say that it doesn’t have its uses for me. Once I’ve more time to sit and think, things will continue.

I was saying that representing the logic bricks with node connection would familiarize the system

like build a scene in nodes that is equivalent to one in logic in a scene, for a common issue.

Had anyone seen this (for Unity)?
Looks kinda friggin amazing.