OK, so. This is a robot I’ve been building for some time for a Star Wars animated fan film. Not entirely sure of the film’s status because our dedicated forums are inactive, but anyway:

HK-52. It’s an assassin droid based off the HK-47 model from Star Wars: Knights of the old republic. Sword for one arm, gravity manipulator coupled with a blaster for the other.

Um… since I’m new here, can someone tell me if using [img] tags like below is the correct way to upload an image, or if the upload system is preferred?

Anyway, here it is:


it’s certainly good enough for animation :yes:
the composition is also very good

Like it! Proportions are very good. The face looks menacing and your choice of colors and textures for the 'bot gives the impression that this is a robot that Does Things. How long 'til we see some animation?


Animation should be either in the next status update video, the first episode or next year’s SW fan film contest. Hopefully the first one, if the team leader gets our content management system running.