Well, i was asked by someone from a Counter Strike clan i’m in to make this pic. It’s not that good, mainly because he needed it quickly and i put it together in 2-3 hours.

Thats damn good for 2-3 hours!

no crits


Wow, :o nice pic, ask him how he made the blood textures.

I love the gun and the texture you used on it.
But the blood looks to spray paint like. Maybe do actual liquid blood.

Very cool pic; nice composition. I have to agree with [og]GrYpHoN on the blood though. I mean, I like how it looks on the gun, but on the table it’s too “noisy”.


i dont think you need to change the blood…it looks like someone got shot in the leg, and blood started squirting out,and…you know what i mean.

good pic btw