HK416 Model Gun - Looking for advice/help

Hello fellow blender user’s! This is my 3D model of an HK416 and I would like it if you guys could give me some tips/advice or any textural help anyone can give me.

well, if it was solid black, that would be easy, but such guns are full of ‘decals’, so I guess UV mapping is necessary. For most of it, I would use the ‘project from view’ option, so you can add text without it being distorted. are you familiar with UV mapping?

Hello Modron,

I am faintly familiar with UV mapping, I remember watching a video or two on it, but they weren’t very detailed. Also, I’ve spent almost an hour trying to make it the right kind of “gun metal black” and was unsuccessful sadly. So, where is this “project from view” option at exactly?

Thank you.

Go on Perspective view and select right/front or whatever depending to which part you wish to texture. press B and select all the faces you want to texture from that view, press U, click on ‘project from view’. Open the uv image grid, you will see the all the faces selected in the same order as they appear on the mesh. What I generally do at this point is clicking on uv -> export uv layout. Then I create a texture in photoshop (takes a while but it’s worth it), crop it at the precise borders and save it for web devices. Back into blender, select the faces already selected, assign the texture and if you haven’t messed up with the borders in photoshop it will be perfectly matched. Do the same for every part you wish to texture.

Alright, thank you. I shall try this, question though… Where might I find some gun textures to use?

The whole point of this system is that you should create your own textures - but you can start off from some metal textures. For what concerns the decals, try to look on google for examples. I am sure you should find some of those, which you can import into PS and absorb into the texture. Otherwise, you can try to recreate them (especially numbers etc.).
Try to take a look here