Here u can get it for free: sketchfab
More stuff: Artstation


I LOVE the detail, it really looks incredible :smiley:

Hahaha, lol. Chk out what I keep clicking towards.

They’re all going to be made out of one objects mesh, shapekeyed into various
things with more than ~ 50 weapons in order to optimize all of the possible junk on layer 2 into one single user object actioned with property play actuator to turn them into the right thing for drops from crafting menu or containing loot as well as setting on transparency of material if noting is in characters hand or just to spawn it in depending what gets placed into slot… which I havent decided yet cause ill need to try to set up bots to test if they can buy stuff from me and equip it or pick it up if their values allow them to do so along with so many things on my mind…
They’re just not sized atm but oh well, thought may as well share it :rofl:

Great work, congrats.