HL2: Ep2 is delayed :(

WTF Valve, it’s now pushed back to SUMMER OF 2007…

I know that they need time to produce stuff of the kind of quality that they always have, but come… on…


Well to be honest, I am not planning to buy any epoisodic games. No more 25% game for 50% of the price.

Full blown games only for me.

technicaly the ep1 wasnt that short, it was fairly long and interasting

unlike guildwars which is 50 bucks per episode of the same exact game

I played the first Sin Episode before Episode I giving me an idea of what to expect lengthwise.

What Valve may sometimes lack in length they more than make up in quality and replayability. Most shooters you play only once - unless it is as good as Half Life I/II.

With Valve, I have gotten used to expecting delays. Anyway, Episode II will have Team Fortress II and Portal which mean a whole load of content more than Episode I.


I’m not really into most games, but I really do respect the quality stuff they have, especially the engine and the speed of it.

Even though EP1 is short, it contains more unique / non-repeating gameplay than most other shooters.

Look at Doom3 (which I still like) or FarCry (which I uninstalled halfway because of being bored). They repeat themselves over and over again.

You guys are assuming that Ep2 is about the same as Ep1.


Ep2 is not only the 2nd episode of Half-Life 2 but also Team Fortress Source (drool) and PORTAL (droooool)

You get what you pay for many times over.

PORTAL freaking rulez.

That is the game I am looking for, everything else is just fumes compared to the sheer creativity of the PORTAL gameplay.

This situation is starting to look like what it was with the initial release of HL2(I think they pushed it back three times before deciding on the final release date). This is the second time they push Ep2 release date back(at first it was coming this autumn, then next spring, now summer). Valve has serious issues in keeping with the release dates they announce… Hell even HL1 was released one year late. :smiley:

I liked Half-Life 2 but I got episode 1 at the weekend and it’s nice but so far it seems to be more of the same. I hate those stupid monsters with the grenades. At points, it’s just like the developers are generating hundreds of bad guys to frustrate you. There’s no challenge in that. I’ll reserve judgement until I complete it but I’m not impressed enough to want episode 2.

If that wasn’t bad enough, now that I installed Windows, I have access to all the PC games that I missed over the years and it turns out there’s hardly any games I want. I thought I’d like Deus Ex: Invisible War but the stupid game didn’t even load. It was the dual processors messing it up so I have to launch the game with one. Plus it doesn’t look anywhere near as good as HL2.

F.E.A.R is one game I want to get but besides that, what have you PC gamers been playing all this time? I looked through about 100 games and there’s very little that rivals the console selection. Not to mention I don’t have to wait 10 minutes to install each one and deal with compatibility issues.

If the Xbox360 games weren’t so expensive, I might be tempted because they are bringing out HL2 with EP1 and EP2 and the extras but I just wonder how much better it will look. I was playing EP1 at 1680x1050 everything on max and 8xAF but no FSAA so all I can think is that it will look slightly less jaggy.

It IS creative, but not the first.


IIRC, THATS the game that inspired portal.

Yes, I know about narbacular drop.

Maybe you didn’t know, but the kids who made that game were hired by valve on the spot, to make PORTAL.

It’s a developers dream come true.

It really depends on what style of games you like to play. A lot of the PC/console games may or are better on the console but they are a lot of games that cannot be rivaled by a console simply due to it’s genre.

I’m a big fan of Roleplaying games. I mean REAL roleplaying games where people actually play their character. I’m not talking about l33t speaking teenagers on guildwars but roleplay servers on neverwinter nights. Those are incredibly fun and even after 4years. I’m still not bored from it. It’s a Pc only game as you need a keyboard for the chat. It’s really a fun thing to do if you are into dungeon and dragons.

I also like RTS. I havnt seen a single RTS on a console (might be a few rare ones?) Age of Empires, etc.

I also like FPS but I cannot stand playing a shooter with a console joystick. It just doesnt feel right for me. It’s slugish and slow and imprecise (compared to a mouse) Well depends which you learned first :X

So it really depends what sort of games you are into