HL2 music used in tv shows?

Or is it the other way around?

I just watched an animal planet special “The Land of Lost Monsters” (talks about the beginnings of humanity, and how we had to deal with early large predators etc). Somewhere around 3/4 through the special, there was a piece of HL2 sound playing in the background.

I don’t know how to explain the sound, but it was one of those “humming” notes from the combine bridge area, I am 100% certain on that (since I played through HL2 something like 7 times). It’s just strange hearing music from videogames used in such tv specials, but then I thought, maybe valve itself didn’t originally make all of the music for their game, perhaps they just bought a license.

So on that note, I ask:

Does Valve have a dedicated sound studio for HL2, or do they just subcontract?

I’m trying to figure if Valve is actually giving out HL2 audio licenses for tv shows, or if it’s all work of a 3rd party.

lol well the person that made the sound could just hold the copyright for it and give valve the permision to use it, doesnt stop him from redistributing it further to others…

or it may just have been simmilar lol

As I said, it’s possible that they subcontract to a third party. Although considering that Valve is quite a company and HL2 quite the game, you would think they have their own in house studio.

There is also an interesting posibility that Valve actually holds the base rights to the audio, and that it’s actually they who license it out to tv shows such as the one I noted before, for some extra profit on the side.

I think that scenario would be very interesting, because I never imagined Valve of all companies doing something like that.

or it may just have been simmilar lol
Nah, it was an HL2 track, I’m 100% sure on that. (As I said before, I played HL2 quite a bit, I’m sure of what I heard)

or maybe it wasnt an original song, and valve adapted it for hl2?

I think I read a gamasutra article on sound in games and how chances are that stock sounds have already been used in many times before. I once saw a BBC documentary that had some sounds that were exactly the same as in some old games I’d played- it was cheesey stuff like sci-fi door opening, gun shooting. It’s probably the same sound, ethier valve made it and sold it/ they bought it I guess. In game developer magazine I saw an ad for “killer tracks” or something, they said they did some music for the matrix movie as well as some games, so it’s possible that valve bought sound fx or anything from a 3rd party. -meh , i know nothing just my thoughts on the matter.

Well, I know for sure that this particular car crash sound has been used many times in different tv shows and movies. So basically it might be possible that HL2 used some commercial sound.

correct me if i’m wrong, but you can’t copyright music, only lyrics, right? if so, the ambience, or whatever the sound was, could be a complete copy of HL2’s music, and there’s nothing they can do about it.

I’m pretty sure you can copyright music without lyrics. I mean, there are so many bands that do instumental pieces which all get copyrighted. After a piece of instrumental music is old enough [somthing like beethoven or mozart] it’s not under any copyright laws anymore.

but the thing is, even if you copyright music, all you have to do to get around that copyright is to make the same music, but speed up one measure by one BPM, and it’s different than the original, which is why I assumed you can’t copyright music…

It’s probibly some sort of soundfont or VSTi (VSTi and soundfonts are things that make noise on your computer, anything you want).

No, it’s basically pitch-wise that the decision is based on.

Remember how Vanilla Ice sampled some of Queen’s music for Ice, Ice, Baby? He apparently settled it out of court, but there were lawsuit opportunities there.

huh, that’s crazy. i wonder how weird al yankovic gets permission…

I heard that if you have more than 10% of a song, it’s illegal.

I think he usually asks for permission first, but didn’t he get sued over Amish Paradise?