(LohnS) #1

i have tried to model a car before, and failed miserably. So for the weekend challenge i’m doing a car jumping off a cliff (thanx for the idea ectizen). I have done the mountain in terragen and now comes the hard part of making the car. I have tried poly modelling and that failed, and i’m now trying surfacing for the basic shape for things like the bonet etc, and then converting to mesh to add detail. I’m still finding even this very hard and was wondering if any of you guys have any tips, examples or tutorials. Thanx =)

(gdejong) #2

Maybe this can help:

And if you want a racecar:

(Ecks) #3

The text of the side is hide behind the images so I cant see some of the part of the text. Is it normal?

(gdejong) #4

I don’t know what you mean, I see no problems.
Try an other browser.

(kos) #5

create the car from subsurfs.i think this is the easiest way to make the car.but you have to be a very skilled mesh-modeller for that. the total outside of the car should be made from a single is very hard and you have to be patient for this and…don’t forget to put some reference images of the car behind the model.check my unfinished ferrari at :