Hmm... check out this logo :)

notice anything strange? :wink: I don’t wanna sound like a spammer, but you really have to check this out, if I tell you why it’s not funny anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

All I can say is that it’s indeed blender related :stuck_out_tongue:

wonder if blender needs any more funding… hm… lets see who will use the template :stuck_out_tongue:

Right. And when they do, I know this guy who does international law…

Well, there’s the $ symbol inside, right? I guess it won’t be a problem for that lawyer to get some additional funding for Blender :wink:

however, seriously speaking, if I remember correctly, the Blender logo is not even a property of the Blender Foundation, but of the NaN holding or something like that. Perhaps we should inform Ton about that? It’s obviously stolen from the Blender logo, that’s for sure…

Okay, so maybe Ton should grab this logo version back for use on the Blender Foundation’s budget letterhead :slight_smile:
Seriously, looks like somebody just took the idea that Blender is free too far. And that “unique” price is way off :slight_smile:

what are u all talking about? this looks nothing like the blender symbol

Right, and your avatar doesn’t look like a mini-pissed of godzilla monster, either!! :stuck_out_tongue:
I know it’s got some difference, but it’s too close with the 3 little extensions hanging to the side - looks like somebody saw the “free to use” as meaning the logo could be ripped and modified as well.

Actually the avatar is Reptar from the Rugrats cartoon on Nickelodean :slight_smile:
Guess who’s got young children here.

That logo looks a lot like the Blender logo to me. I would assume the Blender logo is copyrighted, right?

dam straight, tribute to the old nick before it turned to crap… dont let ya kids watch that anime crap they got on it now

I would assume the Blender logo is copyrighted, right?

It’s property of the NaN holding, as Seb3DGE said. And the color and shape matching so closely, I’d think it’s pretty obvious it’s a ripoff.

I’ve posted a link on the Blender site forums - see what comes of it. If it isn’t noticed in 24 hours or so I’ll mail Ton.

i really don’t think template monster would rip off blender like that, its a fairly big and reputable company and al this is probably coincidental.

I already sent an e-mail to Ton, here’s his reply:


Thanks for telling me. I’ve immediately contacted this company with a request to remove it.

The logo with a dollar sign even… if it weren’t that funny I would consider it an insult! :slight_smile:


So I guess all that had to be done, is done. :wink:

Go Blender!


does the S at the end stand for somehting?

Probablly Seb3DGE :slight_smile:

lol. the logo is even 3d. i bet they made it in blender.

did someone here here make it i wonder?

lol -

lol… template monster still has it up, so something is up