Hmm... Do I need that button?

Just something old I found on the computer. Feel free to crit! I don’t realy know if I like it or not myself…

Hehe … I like the concept of a “Question button”.

But the technical side you can do better.
The image is overburned to the far right, and the background texture (wood) looks
too big compared to the button.
The texture (or lack thereof) on the keyboard-chassis is missing…and completely
ruin the image because it looks too different from the background texture.
It’s important when you create a “finished picture” that you go all the way, especially
when I know you can do this Kothe…lazy lazy lazy :wink:

I know this isn’t focused critique… but I comment on images I like…and think they
should be worked over more before it’s really finish.

You realy know me JoOngle :wink:
I didn’t realy got if you found the picture good or bad?

And I will work on the textures for you, do you have any tips on the lightning in the scene (I know you’re good at that). That was my mayor problem in the picture!

We already have this button. It’s next to the “shift” key. If you press and hold it, you get the following:
If you press the magical combination of that button and shift at the same time, you get this amazing row of charaters:
Isn’t that great?!
Aren’t computers mystifying?

Back on track: Ligthing needs to be better, it seems like it only has one light in this picture. Try making more lights, and make them less bright than that one. Lights should enhance the mood of the scene, not just cast shadows: Thats what an Only Shadow light does. I like the modeling, and The cord is really well made…

Hold on Tight,