hmm .. might have to model a lamborghini now :P

If I do though , it will be a countach , I dont like the newer ones so much .

Started as a test to make a few different metal shaders , and got here …
so I guess I might as well continue .

Never done a car before :frowning:

CC welcome

This looks great. Would you mind sharing the settings you used for these materials?

And the texture is simply stucci set to the smallest possible amount … .001

The Brake is a spec texture I made with noise in Photoshop and then spinblurred it to give the correct texture .
pretty much the same settings as above, but with more NOR and less RAYMIR

Very nice… How did you do the holes on the rims? I don’t see any faces conecting them to the rest of the rim.


Excellent wheel model. Metal shader is perfect. Well done there too.


how did you made the reflection blurry without distray?

He renders in Brazil, if I recall from his last work here.


He renders in Brazil, if I recall from his last work here.


Nope … but Im sure blender internal renderer takes that as a compliment .

Its the NOR on the stucci that makes the reflection blurry .

The Rotor is a Bezier Circle , with More Bezier Circles inside it ,
with EXT set to .80

Ah, nice then. That was actually my initial thought, but I had remembered you did use Brazil before on your last car.

Good work.


hehe … Ive never used brazil …

In fact , I wanna Yaf this … but Yafray no workie for me now :stuck_out_tongue:
wonder whats up .

A little update .
I may have to put this away till after Xmas :stuck_out_tongue:

we’ll see

I think you should send that to the company and see what they say about it. That it sooo photorealistic it blows my mind. Figuratively speaking.

Very impressive modeling, texturing, and lighting. You have got it down! 8) It is a great looking image. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the car. :smiley:

wooo :o
Awesome as you know,
please do more before xmas :smiley:
This is probably the most photoreal image i have seen done by blender in my short time being here.
Just amazing…

Excellent rendering :o :smiley:

Couple of things though. Although I don’t have a Lamborghini in the garage to check (I wish :slight_smile: ), I think the caliper should extend a bit more towards the center. It seems like there is a lot of rotor not covered by the brake pads (unless there is more coverage on the back of the rotor). Also, I am pretty sure all Lambos have five lugs and five primary holes in the rim, instead of four.

Those were the only two things that I noticed. The rendering is incredible. Hats off.

hehe …
Yeah I wasnt aiming for accuracy till yesterday really …
so heres a new update , I had a look at some reference pics for this one .

The calipers I looked at seemed to leave some of the rotor untouched …
I dunno if its to help keep them cool or what , but I make it bigger , cause my reference werent Lamborghini pics .