Hmmm... what IS the procedure for "reporting a thread to the moderators?"

Spam came up just now, and, poking around a bit, I don’t seem to find a site feature that would allow me to “report this thread.”

On other forums that I frequent, there is an easy and convenient way to, even with one click, flag a thread as abusive or spam or what-have-you, and even to “vote it off the island” (pending moderator review) more-or-less automagically. Does this BBS software have any capabilities along these lines?

Should there be, say, a “Spam” tag?

Click the (tiny) triangle with exclamation point in the lower left of the post. Note it works for individual posts, not entire threads.


I also wanted to note here that using the reported post icon/button isn’t just for bad things. If you guys ever have a question or just would like to talk with a moderator. Using the report post notifies the entire staff. Helps us respond quicker, then if a PM was sent. Especially with the various timezones.

Thanks guys and catch you soon!

I just tried the alert triangle to report spammage, but was directed to a page that said I do not have permission to access the page (how’s that for an accurate but confusing description!). Here’s the URL I was redirected to: