HMS Pegasus - full ship building in progress

(Gumboots) #81

Cool. I don’t trust models (because sometimes they’re a bit wrong) but I found a better picture of Victory and you’re definitely right about it. I can clearly see the way it’s set up now. Cheers.

(heraSK) #82

currently going crazy with stern carvings!! I really don’t like sculpting… had to do a quick doodle for a quick break…

while I’m at it, does anyone know (or just point me in right direction) how one could do THIS within Blender? thx!!



(Gumboots) #83

Very cool doodles there. :+1:

Can’t help you with scene thingy, but will be interested to see what turns up. Someone is bound to know.

By the way, do you know how the berthing rail got its name? I’ve been wondering about that. The name implies that its main function was during coming alongside a wharf.

(heraSK) #84

I wouldn’t know really. I’m still catching up with the odd namig myself… :slight_smile:

(thorst) #85

Wow, those renders are amazing! Your rendition of the water is just as great as your ship model, how did you do that if I may ask?

(heraSK) #86

@thorst take a look at this tut:
there you’ll find basic setup process. the rest for my ocean was fiddling with the settings until I got what looked OK. the scale is still probably off a bit and there’s no interaction between ship and the ocean. but as I said, that was just a brief distraction from carving… ugh!

(heraSK) #87

hey peeps! it’s been a while since my last progress update. starting to pick up the pace again. oh, and don’t mind the carvings. I still s**k at sculpting…

(FlyingBanana) #88

@heraSK I could sit here and stare at this for ever but I guess I should get to sleep at some point. Amazing work I think I am addicted to this thread.

(heraSK) #89

thank you, mate!

(heraSK) #90

top masts done…

(heraSK) #91

the thing transferred well into UE4. no scene or materials yet…

(Clockmender) #92

This :sailboat: just keeps getting better - keep up the good work!

Cheers, Clock. :beers:

(heraSK) #93

rope production has begun! fun, yay!
again, these are rendered in UE4. the ship has become too heavy for my trusty old GTX770, so to save time… if this brakes any rules shoot me (a message) :slight_smile:


(heraSK) #94

small update on the rigging part… cheers!!

(Meshmonkey) #95

Holy shite! For some reason I’ve missed this topic for quite a while. Insane detailt, I love all of it! KUTGW!

(heraSK) #96

thx, man! appreciate it! more renders coming soon…

(heraSK) #97

ropes are fun, part 3…

and some more UE4 renders…

(Mark06GT) #98

I love the rope work and wood joinery. Really good work.

(rombout) #99

All are stunning!!! So much details, must have been tons of time modeling them

(rombout) #100

You should check live paint tuts for the ocean renders.add a particle system so you could make foam and splashes.

Ps have you thought about using duplicated objects instead off mirror mod, perhaps it will save tons of data