Ho do I import an .obj with Materials as the divisor in Blender 2.58?


I am trying to bring in the SL Avatar into Blender 2.58 and, as opposed to 2.49 where I could designate Materials as to how the obj was split, I cannot see how to do this in 2.58. I am sure it is just me not understanding the terminology in the import options.

So far I have only been able to bring in as a single object or split into parts which is far more than the three main material areas.

In addition, if materials have been designated in the file for the 3 main parts, is there any way to select the vertices through the use of the Materials?

Thank you.

I think I figured things out. With the materials already defined, I did not need to separate the object at all. I can just select the materials through the Material Indices. I saw it more readily in 2.5 and had not realized it when working in 2.49.