hobbit head

hey everyone,

I don’t got time to say anything,
so here is my work.

good luck everyone!



One word…


Where did you get that texture. Pretty accurate. It even looks like… er… was it Merry or Pippin?

To be honest, I think on the front view, it shouldn’t be so wide. Most helmets are longer than they are wide. :slight_smile: Same thing for the back - elongate it a bit to be longer. W/those modifications, I think that it’ll be awesome! :slight_smile: Keep up the good work, mate.

is this better?

but please, can anybody make a good Gondor soldier body?


please everyone,
I need your help with this.

I’ll try making it myself, but please, try and make a Gonder soldier body for me.

its pippin.
or just a Gondor soldier.
doesn’t matter which.:smiley:

I think you should update your old hobbit thread instead of starting a new one.



hey everyone,

I have enhanced the textures on the characters face to make it look more like Pippin.

How’s it look?:confused:

if you wish to change it, go ahead.

here is were you can download it.



Erk… I like the old texture better. Sorry. But the eyes look too big in the side view. His nostrils in the side view are also slightly screwed… but love the new mouth! Yay! Pippin! I should show this to my sister. She likes Pippin lol.

well, that other one of pippin, is not pippin.
the UV texture on the face isn’t pippins.
thats why it looks so odd.
and the new one, I had to UV it from a slant.
thats probably why the nose and eyes are wiggy.

It appears really cool. Keep at it!