Hobbit hole

This is my project #2, so what i want from this pic is to get better at a few areas. Primarily particles ( as in gras ) and materials. Secondary objectives might be, composition and lighting.

So what do you guyes think so far?

The house is looking a bit funny on the left side, thats because i wanna place a window there when i find the time and concept for it. Furthermore i believe the pic is slightly unbalanced, too heacy on the left espacially after i add the window. So i need something to place on the right side, perhaps a sign or if i want a challange. A hobbit coming to visit my little place. c&c will be appreciated.

p.s One last thing, my pic has a lot of really ugly black strands at the edges, I know they are caused by the grass, but why and how to remove it eludes me

Heres the link. http://www.andreasinc.dk/hobbithole.jpg

[no html code…]=> oh you fixed that now

I checked the picture, the materials could use some help but the textures are quite good. maybe a normap or anything would also be nice.


hmmm… thanks for the comment. But both the door, tiles, rock, and bricks on the house have a normap. Perhaps the setting is just too low? could you be more specific?

The blades of grass could be wider… Adjust under ‘strand’

Alright heres an update.

  • Increased starting width of grass.
  • Removed unnaturel concentration of grass on left side.
  • Made grass less green, more auutum like.
  • Added nor map to bricks on stairs.
  • Slightly increased normap on a few things.
  • Few tweaks of grass.
  • Decreased pic size. So that i could simply attach it…