Hello!) This is a Hobbit!) Blender sculpting. 2919888 tris, 1460074 verts. 6-7 hours. Thank you for attention! And happy viewing.)

and review model:

and TIMELAPSE video:

Lovely sculpt. I would look great as a 3d print

This work is great thank you for sharing

Really nice result! I very much like the timelapse :smiley:

If you are interested I can really recommend the SpeedSculpt Addon for Blender. It works similar to the SculptTools but has much more features that can really speed up the sculpting workflow.
Alsoif you want to paint your models instead of applying materials, there’s an experimental Polypaint build that severely enhances the performance of the vertexpainting. Try it out if you want :wink:

Brilliant :slight_smile:

Brilliant :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your comments.
I divided the model into parts and print it in PLA plastic.
To prepare the model, I used Materialise magics.

Printed figurine.

Thank you for attention!)

This looks amazing! I love the fact that it appears you made it with 3D Printing it in mind. Great stuff :slight_smile:

Good work!

I am very impressed with your results in blenders sculpting mode! This is great work!

Great one! Looks great both in 3D and in printed version!