[HOBBY] Help Wanted on StarGate's First Project

I'm a co-leader for a volunteer-based dev team of sixteen (16), StarGate Development, created by Trevor.P. Our first project, Decimal: Chain of Fate, is currently in the works, projected to be finished by late 2022.
Description: "Decimal is a 3D story-based beat-em-up game aimed at teenagers and young adults. The game sees two antagonists warping reality and instigating war in a universe on the edge of an apocalypse. The player chooses to play between three androids whose goal it is to restore the cosmic order. Decimal aims to remain engaging in its storytelling while not risking the quality of the beat-em-up gameplay style. The playable characters have unique skill sets and are able to switch in-action to max combo choices, encouraging the player to discover new strategies as they play." (from our Game Design Document)
Our top priority as of now is to work on a fundraiser demo. The demo will feature two stages from the game at day and at night, as well as the hub world and (hopefully) a hidden boss fight. The three main characters should all be playable, and six kinds of enemies/NPCs will feature in the worlds.
Looking for:
  1. one (1) modeler who specializes in semi-realistic character design, preferably well-versed in Blender.
  2. one (1) 3D animator(s) who can animate combat, preferably well-versed in Blender
We have:
  1. three (3) writer-directors
  2. three (3) concept artists
  3. two (2) programmers on Unity
  4. three (3) modelers who specialize in environments and characters, respectively, on Blender (Trevor creates rigs and textures)
  5. one (1) 3D animator who works with SFM, specializing in cutscene animation
  6. one (1) sound designer working on SFX
  7. one (1) composers
  8. two (2) cast voice-over artists
  1. We choose volunteers primarily based on merit. We won't consider your level of experience in interviewing you.
  2. Our pace of work is not too casual. We expect you to work about two to five (2-5) hours per week and for you to stay on pace. If you cannot get a task to us within one to two (1-2) weeks, please do not hesitate to talk to us, and we will try to make your workload more manageable.
  3. However, we will allow you to work on your own hours to accommodate day jobs, other projects, and/or time differences.
  4. Our aesthetic is deeply rooted in synthwave/retro/postmodern aesthetics.
  5. All of our work relations are based around a Discord server. We have no physical location, so you would not need to travel to join us.
Notes specific to 3D asset candidates:
  1. We centralize our work in Blender. You can work primarily with another software, but note that we will need to convert animations and model sets to Blender-friendly file types.
  2. The playable characters and primary antagonists are androids. There are significant human NPCs, as well. Other enemies and NPCs will be humans, androids, and robots.
  3. We aim to keep meshes medium poly. Trevor and Adri, two of the team leaders, rig and paint high-res textures, respectively. Modelers and animators do not have to worry about rigging or texturing.
  4. If you know C#, or lingua franca for coding, please consult us before you add anything to the code. Consider sending your work to one of our two coders so that they can add it.
Compensation: The demo will be released with a fundraiser. Should the minimum goal be reached, we plan for you to be factored into even-split or semi-even-split payment for your work, the cut of the percentage possibly depending on how long you work with us. Should you choose to leave the team after the demo, you should still be paid and credited for your work in the fundraiser and in the final game. Pay is not released until work on the project ends completely to ensure that everyone is accounted for, and percentages and amounts per person cannot be confirmed now.
Contact: PM me, and I'll put you in contact with me and Trevor on Discord!