[Hobby, Rev-Share] Looking for an artist

Hi there. I’m looking for an artist (2D or 3D) that’s interested in doing a short side-project game. Mainly for fun. Nothing big and crazy. Something you’d find on Kongregate is the size I’m thinking. We can throw some ideas at each other and see what fits. I’m really looking to do something fun. No gta, call of duty, shooter clones. Maybe adventure based? Turn based? Exploration? RPG? Or some other idea. I have a few ideas with some basic prototypes or game logic. But I’m open to almost anything.

I’ll handle the programming end to this. I can also take care of the writing. Sound effects I can manage as well. Not an expert, but I can pull off something decent. I just need help in the visuals.

We can throw it up on kongregate, mobile store(s), whatever and see what happens. I figure if the game makes money, we split it. Honestly, that’s not my main goal. This is mainly just to have some fun making a full, yet small, game on the side. We should chat at first, just to make sure we click and have a good time.

A bit about myself. In my late 20s. I’ve been a web and c# developer (outside of Unity) for just shy of 10 years now. I use to do copywriting for about 5 years and I’ve been a long time hobbyist story writer. I’ve been using Unity for around 3 years. Making small games with ugly ass graphics or just primitives. Art has been the biggest roadblock for me.

Message me if interested or if you want to chat about it.


Hi. I’m surprised you haven’t had any other replies.

have some fun making a full, yet small, game

… seems like a good plan… and you seem to have good skills, but a bit too similar to mine. I guess I’ll send you a p.m. anyway.