Hobnox sound editor

WIRED mag, did a quick article on some nice looking software.

Have not had time to test it, but it sounds very nice.
Looks like it will run in any browser +JAVA, so it might work cross platform.

I just played around with Hobnox. It is going to be really cool to work with. I like the flow of using “actual” equipment and dragging inputs and outputs. It’s like node based work based in reality. As of right now you can’t save your work, and the only way to capture the audio you create is with something that will record the output of your local sound. Once they add these kind of new features, Hobnox Audio Tool will rule!


If you get the new bleeding edge, unstable Audacity there is a “What I hear” input method, along with the midi and Microphone. Enable “What I hear” and you can record all the stuff coming from your sound card.

splice music is a great online tool for making music