Take a walk, grab the sun and play with the lighting, clouds and shadow!

Here is my neverending hobby project of a real life outdoor scene. It’s a huge puzzle of different scripts and bad modeled buildings. :eyebrowlift2:Some nice things like a modified waterplane version of martinsh’s watershader so you can have different waterlevels with their own independent refractions and reflections. The whole sky with sun, shadowlamp, stars, clouds is parented to the player so it walks with you.

Blender 2.79b


WASD: move
shift: sprint
space: jump
c: crouch
e: Lift up on objects
f: use (doors, machines)

left mouse button: grab sun

middle/right mouse button: destroy
mouse wheel: cloud amount
down/up arrow: cloud size
left/right arrow: cloud brightness
h/n: Ambient Occlusion on/off
F10: screenshot

animated human models: TriZeta
static human models: Reallusion
Sky/Water/Clouds: Martinsh
Screenshotsystem: Florian Völker (iFlowProduction)
Terrain created with osm2world

This is “Hochablass” at Lake “Kuhsee” and River “Lech” in Augsburg (Germany)


Blender 2.79b


Blender2.79b (UPBGE_0.2.5, Range):

UPBGE 0.3 Version:

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Port and test of the UPBGE project in Godot 4.