Hogwarts Castle

Making a Complete Hogwarts Model Let me know what you think so far. I was also wondering if anyone knew of any good texture packs for the likes of this project?


looking good and fairly accurate…make ti a bit brighter tho just for now, otherwise it makes it hard to see details etc… :slight_smile:

Wow you got a nice project going on there :stuck_out_tongue:

Please fix your lighting, the current set up makes no sense whatsoever. -> to fix it think about it realistically…what are the light sources?
I suggest doing a day render first as it is the easiest to set up… one sun lamp from one side (light yellow color) with ambient occlusion (light blue) (you may even add another blue sun lamp of very low strength to help the AO

as for a night set up definitely add a bluish moon color and the rest of the lights from the castle windows… but thats for later…

im just modelling it atm

Just an Update on the model. Adding in a few extra details


I would add an edge split modifier :yes: