Hogwarts - Model/3D-Print

Hi Guys!

During the last half year I have been working on the Hogwarts Castle from the Harry Potter Film Series, to 3D-Print it in the end. The castle was modelled during 60-70 hours in Blender and then printed in about 30 hours with a UP!2 3D-Printer as well as a Formlabs Form 1+.

I hope you enjoy the model, and I’m looking forward to your feedback!



Some more Pictures



That is very impressive, in another few years with 3D improvements you will be able to have all the textures on the buildings printed into the model.

Thanks! If I’m not mistaken the technic for colored printings is already developed and in use(Shapeways…). However unfortunately the printers don’t print as detailled as the Form 1+ and there aren’t any printers for desktop use yet.

Ok, I know that this thread is over a year old, but I found your pictures in a google search as I am looking for a hogwarts castle model file for a centerpiece I’m working on. I figure this is a long shot, but I’m wondering if you have these files available anywhere for people to print on their own as this would be the perfect centerpiece for my current project.

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Wow, what an AMAZING model…! This is my absolute favorite of all the models I’ve seen around there (and, believe me, I’ve seen MANY). So congratulations on the great job. :slightly_smiling_face: I would be interested in, if possible, downloading it for a fish tank project I’m working on… I think your version of Hogwarts Castle would look absolutely gorgeous there, and I would really really appreciate it. :heart:️ My e-mail is: [email protected]

damn man, how big this thing is ?
in both real and cg world

Hey there @dollfinn13 ! I’m also looking for a similar model of Hogwarts Castle for a fish tank project I’m working on, and I think this one would be just perfect for it. Did you ever get in contact with @BUBLLES ? Otherwise, do you know of a similar model and where to download the files? Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @BUBLLES! i was wondering if you have the possibility to upload a 3D-model for downloading? this is the perfect model, which i’ve been looking after for ages

Hey @BUBLLES Do you have this piece of art somewhere available as a file for the community? Thanks a lot for sharing.

Wow @BUBLLES, this model is A W E S O M E !
Is it available for 3d printing (for personal use) ?

your hogwart model is a great job, i’m fascinated
Would you sell me your Hogwart blender file or email me via e-mail. Many thanks stephan [email protected]

will it be downloadable when finished?

wait it is finished is there any way to get this?

Good work!

This is awesome! Is it any way to get/ buy it? I will be very appreciated if you write at [email protected]