Hogwarts Model - WIP

Hi everyone! This is my final model for my animation class.
I know there is problems at the moment, like the windows on the large tower stick out way too much, but I’m trying to block everything out first and go back periodically to add and fix details. I have been largely unable to find many detail reference pictures of the castle of the back and sides of it, so I’m flying blind.
Any comments or critique would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, :smiley:


As usual…great work Larissa!! The modeling and assembly looks complex and proportional at this point. It displays a little dark (for me) to get a good look the details…also a few larger => detailed shots would be nice.

The mesh seems nice so far. I’ve tried castles before, but I never got far. I can’t wait to see this with textures and better lighting. The only thing I could really say at this point is that the walls look too perfect, but that’s mostly a texture thing. Also, even if it is unfinished, the blue background could be changed.

Cool make Potter fly around the towers, I like it and will be watching for progress…