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For any Harry Potter fans out there. Little passion project of mine.
I know has been done many times before, but I wanted to try out my own castle layout.

I want to put a few nice PBR materials on everything (walls and roofs…) and hope it will look pretty in Eevee. We’ll see.
Also please excuse the screen space Eevee AO, I plan to bake AO with cycles if everything goes well.




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Very cool project. Are there plans for the castle or did you recreate it from film footage?


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Most is actually based on models ripped directly from the 6th PC game. I went in and remodeled everything with more detail, cleaner and much easier to texture. Only the boat dock is taken from the 7th game.

The back of the castle and the surrounding landscape is custom because the game version felt quite unnatural to me.

I’ll be happy to share the blend file if you wanted to take a look.


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Your offer to share the file is very kind, but I don’t think I would have time to really study it. I was mostly curious about your source materials. Both my kids were big Harry Potter fans when they were young. The books bring back lots of good memories of reading to them when they were little.

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Hey @swift502 is it possible to get the blend file from you? I’m eager to make a model out of it for my daughter to play with =)
Outstanding work by the way! This model has so much detail.

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I think I might finish this project in about 300 years…

Right now I’m trying to find the right color palette… These are my references - I think Mudrunner has really amazing colors, and might suit the landscape…

I’ll experiment and see what looks best.


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Hi, good work, how did you get the floor plans and the drawings of the land?

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The castle layout is based on the one found in the 6th Harry Potter game, which is available for download from the open Hogwarts project on GitHub.

The landscape is and will be completely custom. Once you do some research you’ll find the landscape is completely different in every movie, so there’s no point in trying to match some movie reference.


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Thanks for the information, I like your job