Holbein. The Hamster

(ismaelfuentes) #1

Hello people,

I present to Holbein a character based on an illustration by my friend and illustrator Iris Amaya.
The image has been completely created in Blender and rendered in Cycles.

Here you have a timelapse of how it was created.

I hope you like it.


(pafurijaz) #2

Wow rendering is really done very well, I don’t like the bastard child subject while the hamster and the rest are just beautiful.

(ChameleonScales) #3

Dude, 5 stars and feature row request immediately.

pafurijaz : I don’t know if it’s on purpose but the child looks like a claymation character (however the hamster doesn’t which doesn’t make the whole thing very coherent, but it doesn’t bother me that much)

(smili) #4

Love it! 5 stars!

(lucasfalcao) #5

Another beautiful image! Poor mouse… :frowning:

(Horizon) #6

Holy moly one of the prettiest works i have seen in recent years, five stars from me also.

(Cesar89) #7

This work is absolutly awesome!! five stars!

(Haki) #8

Thats Magic! Bravo! Love your Making of!

(djwaterman) #9

An absolutely fantastic realization of an illustration. Perfection.

(mookie3d) #10

Splendid! 5 stars from me!

(Rp2) #11

Amazing Work

(jim trim) #12

Love him and love his fur!:smiley:

(Ibanessie) #13

Briliant, love it!

(Ghasemmollahasa) #14

It is amazing, Really thanks for timelapse

(pali12345) #15

Oh my God! superb.:yes:

(NVM) #16

Excellent !

(ismaelfuentes) #17

Wow! Many thanks to all for the comments and the stars and also for putting me in the header! :spin: :eek: :slight_smile:

(Nudiventra) #18

Very cool!!!