Hold animation final frame

I do know of one way of doing this and that is if I am running at 24 fps add an extra 24 frames to the end of my animation then add a final keyframe for everything just before that block of 24 frames.

The downside of this is the rendering of those 24 frames and thats just for one second of inaction.

Is there some way of either getting blender to just insert 24 copies of that rendered final frame or failing that getting blender to either hold or loop on that final frame.

At the moment I render to RawAVI or MPEG. and convert to the other when needed.

I am producing animations for Daktronics digital scoreboards that will only import as RAW avi but I have to send animations for approval so I produce MPEG to email the problem arises when there is some text to read on the final frame.

On the scoreboard the Raw AVI is converted to descrete frames and I can just hold the final frame for however long I want but in the MPEG version there is no such control and adding the extra frames significantly adds to the size of that MPEG.

Note when it sometimes takes over 20 minutes to render a frame even when I am using GPU rendering we are talking serious chunks of wasted time. :frowning:

Can’t you render to still frames and then create the video using the VSE? That way you only render frames where there’s movement and you can add 24 still frames to the end.

When you get to the range of 10-20 minutes a frame or better you really should be rendering to an image sequence not a movie container. If your render fails for any reason (power outage…) you have to start completely over and lose every previous rendered frame. With an image sequence you can just pickup where you left off. If you are on Windows I believe the VirtualDUB program will accept an image sequence as input then you can render the animation out to any codec movie format supported on your system. Otherwise just purchase Quicktime Pro which will also convert image sequences to movies.

By using an image sequence you can duplicate that end frame 24 times using the file system copy/paste. Rename the copies to fit within the correct order of your sequence.