Holding a staff with two hands Rigify


I’m doing a character for a game that needs to hold a staff with two hands and I’m using rigify. What’s the best way to tell the second hand to follow an empty parented to the staff (the second grip) ? For now I’m using a child of on the hand.ik.L bone, but there is a kind of delay.

Thanks in advance.

PS: I cant animate the staff (that would resolve the problem) because I don’t want to have two actions by movements

Have you tried parenting the left hand IK target bone to the right hand IK target bone? you can then move the right hand and the left will follow, you can then subsequently move the left hand independently of the right, within the confines of it’s parent.

Cheers, Clock.

Hi, thank you, but I actually solved my problem by adding three more bones, one that controls the staff, and two handles that are parented to the staff bone. The actual staff object is parented to this bone. And I’ve also locked the Y and Z local location of the handles so I can move them according to the staff orientation. Lastly I’ve added the child-of constraints on the hands ik to follow the handles.

I am pleased it is solved.

Cheers, Clock.