Holding and releasing an object

I have my character holding a remote control while sitting on the couch, i can’t think of anyway to have him throwing it on the ground. I have him holding the remote control by parenting it with a bone atm ( which is probably wrong since i wanted him to drop it).

You could compare it to a player throwing a basketball if it makes it easier to understand.

im wondering if theres a parenting channel so u can parent, and un parent an object wenever u want, using a key frame, thatd be cool

Unfortunately, I don’t know of one. The easiest way using your current set-up would probably be to duplicate the remote where it is at the frame you want it to release. Make a unique copy (u if I remember, maybe o) Then unparent “alt-p” the copy of the remote (keeping transformation) and then animate it from there. You would just have to animate the layers for the two remotes so that they seamlessly switch on that one frame into and out of a layer that won’t be shown when you render.

Edit: The issue with animating the layers is that it is hard to maintain the momentum looking realistic if the remote was moving before it got dropped, but it is possible.

For future reference, you can use constraints instead of parenting for something like that, because you can animate constraints on and off.

Off the top of my head, you would need to use constraints. Something like two copy location constraints, each pointing to an empty, one on the hand, one on the floor. You could then animate the influence through IPO’s (maybe).

At the bottom of this page, there is a file that does what you want.

There’s actually a few ways to do it. One requires the development version of Blender:

  1. (requires SVN version) Use the “Child of” constraint

  2. Use a “Copy Loc” and a “Copy Rot” constraint

  3. (this one is probably the easiest) have two copies of the object you want to throw; one parented to the hand and the other one not. When you want the object in your character’s hand, use the parented one and keep it on a visible layer while the other one is on a hidden layer. At the moment you want the object released, swap the objects and put the parented object on the hidden layer and the free object on the visible layer. Blammo!

thankyou =))
i’m using the 3rd method by Fweeb

MOST important thing to remember is, BLAMMO!!!

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