holding heart in the hands

WIP: Wip: hands were done in Dynamtic Topology and heart and flowers were done in simple poly and adding subdivision Surface Modifier. what do you think? :slight_smile:

P.S. i think i need still work on hand because it is little sloppy…

On the back of hands, I intend to add more flowers on the top and dorsal of hand. It is as flowers blossom on the soil of hands…

on the ba

Great job! They even look like gardeners hands to me. :slight_smile:


I had textured heart and flowers but I had not posted it few weeks ago till now. I thought they are georgous part of that… I am going to have soil or dirty texture the hand. Do you think the hand would turned into hand grass-looking or hand soil-looking. I am still have debate which is better one. So the whole look like sculpt of garden hand. something to do with creative… Any feedback are always welcomed!

hi there you are… I had worked on soil and grass on it… After rendering, I noticed part of soil on hand really annoyed me and figured how it cause like that… I think it does something with render issue. Any way i could solve that. I believe it should be simple to solve it. Increase Sample?

Beginner here, so my knowledge is limited, but it might be that your faces are inverted. You should try selecting the object (the whole mesh) and pressing CTRL+N to recalculate normals. If that doesn’t work… It might be something wrong with the texture? Check the UV Map. If not, I’ll leave it to the experts.

Samples, as far as I know, are good when you have a noisy render, to reduce the noise. It doesn’t have anything to do with textures (from what I know) Here are some good tips on reducing the fireflies, though I don’t see any problem with your image regarding noise.

Also, a lot of the detail you put into the hands disappeared. Here I am unsure what you could do, and I actually am quite curious also. Or is it that you don’t want the detail put into the hands? Also, the hands seem to blend quite weird.

Still, a very good work, indeed!

AKiraOkirha- thank u for ur advice… I tried these and not work… I finally figured it out. I just turn “generated” instead she of “uv” on image mapping under Texture…

I work on render. i tried to make enivornment look good with all of these objects but it turned out little dark. I was struggle to get soil hand see as soil instead she of dark that less notice as soil texture. I tried to have it normal bump since it looks like little flat. So,I m thinking about some grass on hand that keep whole into balance… I guess that’s all for now… What do u think and your suggestions that I could solve these issues… Thanks…

not bad than first one… so, I am trying to get nails look better as well as some grasses on hand… Seem like last or two more steps to get it alot better… hope the hand still look good with grass as long as seeing the surface of soil on the hand… So, what do you think?

full grass on hand as well as nail grass. These are balanced well as long as there has soil under grass. still experiment… i think it get better but the shade of nail grass looks so odd… any idea i could solve that problem? thanks…

here is the final… It looks better but I have hard time to decide which great enivornment for heart gardener. Let’s comparision here:



or 2.

which one do you think?