a “from camera modelling” project, C&C are welcome thanks.

the comcept

the wip


Looking very good. I can see this as being a very artistic piece… :slight_smile:

I feel the fingers need a better structure at their tips - they are too sharp. The elbow also needs more definition - perhaps add a few more edge loops around the joint to simulate a bony area.

The male figures cuff and sleeve is a little too square… Try and make the shape irregular and flowing, and also smooth out that crease in the sleeve (near the elbow), to give a more realistic simulation of cloth.

Th folds in the male’s clothes (in the back) are a bit to high and sharp - they are a nice touch, but they need to be smoothed outto look effective.

I hope I wasn’t too harsh, as this is a good piece so far. :slight_smile: Really liking where this is going.