hole in my mesh

hello everybody,
I’ve got another question. I imported a character by makehuman. In fact I imported a few characters by mh, but one of the characters has a hole and I don’t know how to close it. I tried to export it again in mh and imported it a second time in blender, but the hole is still there. I can’t select vertices or edges to press f (for fill). How can I close this hole.
Thanks in advance. Anja1976


You have not supplied a link to your blend file to review !!! Please do so for ALL support questions.

Upload the blend file to http://www.pasteall.org/blend/ and tell us the download link

It looks not as a hole, rather as an internal surface intersecting the front one; selecting those two vertices and pushing them inside should fix the issue.


it looks like a hole because the normal of the protruding faces are facing in the opposite direction as the ones they are intersecting