hole trough the wall of another hole

Apart of the booleean operator is there a way to make the top hole go trough the wall of the hozontal hole:confused:

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It can be done manually, but what trouble are you having with the boolean operation?

If it doesn’t give the result you want by it self it can at least give you the vertices you need at the intersection points. Then just delete the extra verts and edges, remove faces around the area, and fill them in manually.

You might want to duplicate the “hole section” and work with it separately from the outer cube part
and then rejoin them later.

Boolean may work but the results are never quit what you expect!

i’ll try it again and hopefully it ll work with this weird configuration


I tried the Boolean difference and it does work because because the inside surface is inside an outer cube shell ?

So forget he boolean it is not working !

What else can be done?


booleans seem to work fine for me…make sure that you invert the normals of the tube so that they are on the inside before you do the boolean intersect :wink:


You started with a real cube and a cylinder then apply the difference boolean operaator - That might work

But this not what i have - Look a the picture

But i’ll tri it with the the cube and see what happen and be back soon


I did it with an ordinary cube + 2 cylinders

and it work fine!

But what i had was a cube with a top surface with a circle face - under circle there was the face of the horizontal cylinder

and i ended up with this pic

and it’sprobably where the problem was


So you got it to work? Good!
BTW, What are you making?

for ordinary cube yap!

But not for the cimplicated object i had

i used the K nighf to roogly cut the outer shell of the horizontal cylinder but that’s not very nice
but has it is inside a cube you normally don’t look at this part
still i’d like to find a better cleaner way of doing it


Would you like to post the file so we can have a closer look?

yeah, posting a blend would probably be a good idea… I am still not sure what you want to do here…if you don’t want the vertical (green) tube, and just want the holes in the top of your cube and the horizontal tube, all you have to do is select all of the green faces and delete them…is that what you wanted?

btw: I used boolean intersect, not difference

when i began i should have use the Cube and boolean operator

But instead i began with a simple plane then added on …

it’s when i tried to make a hole trough the horizontal tube that it did not work

i cannot up load a Blend file with this message
do you have a good free place where i can upload this blen file

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Your ISP account may include some free web space.
Give 'm a call and find out. Or you can try a place like GeoCities or Tripod.

You could try Savefile.com.