Holes in 3d models after using a screw modifier :(

Hey Guys,

I’m using a shape done in Affinity designer, that I export to svg

I import it in Blender and use a screw modifier with those parameters:

the result features holes

and they are visible on the 3d result:

is there any paramaters to check to avoid those? (maybe on the svg export)?
Any tricks to fix this problem in Blender? i tried to tinker with the modifier parameters without success :frowning:

try to set the Fill Mode in the curve settings (select your curve and on the right there is tab with a green line symbol) to None and/or set the values in the curve settings >> Geometry panel (click the arrow/triangle to show the options) to zero. Looks to me like some internal geometry is flickering through.

It looks like you used a filled vector on the SVG, correct?
That will always create double vertices on the edge curve…that do not always line up with curve vertex…Using an SVG you should just export the outer curve as a line…or remove the faces on the one imported into Blender.

thanks a lot! it worked :slight_smile:

thanks for the clues, i’ll experiment with that as well in my next tries!

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