Holes in a Tube

I have been trying to model a .50 cal browning for a while now and the only thing that I cant quite get, is how to make the holes in the heat shield. Can anyone help me with this?


you would use the boobean operation. but that has some kinks to work out. heres a tutorial. anyway you could probably put susbserf on then delete faces two.

  1. Retopo circle meshes onto the cylinder.
  2. Face delete the area where the “hole” will be.
  3. Create faces filling in the cylinder to circle, adding loopcuts where necessary.
  4. Extrude the circle into the cylinder for some “thickness”
  5. Add edge loops to harden the edges of the hole.

Use 2 windows, “view” orientation, and shift “v” in ortho mode. Don’t forget to turn retopo off after using it to shape the curve to the cylinder.


I have tried retopo but it appears to create an oblong shape rather than a circle.

Take a look at this Blend http://www.clipsandscripts.com/wip/examples/HOLE_setup.blend

There are 3 scenes that show the necessary process, notice the use of view coordinates which has been done with shift “v” in two seperate windows.

The final scene shows the final hole and it is round indeed. I used this technique to do the valves on this Sax I’m modeling.


I may easier to model in MOI and then import into blender.

If you can make a flat thing with the holes in it you can then use Warp to turn it into a tube; I’ve had some luck making column profiles that way. Don’t have time to make pics or anything now, but basically you build your sheet mesh starting at X=0, Z=Radius, Y=length, and going left (at least, what I’ve always done) until you have enough length that you think it will wrap around the radius decently, and then put the cursor in the origin and in the view where you’re looking at the profile (front, probably), warp by 360 even. (Or 180 and dupliflip the result, depending).

pappy: Thanks a bunch. I see now that I was trying to do retopo all wrong and that .blend you provided helped alot.
Star Weaver: This warp tool you speak of seems to be just what I was looking for, until I figured out retopo. Until now, I had never even heard of it and I was trying all sorts of crazy junk to immitate that effect. But I think that retopo will be more useful in this case now that I know how to use it.
Thanks guys.