'Holes' in model


I’ve got a model that I’m trying to smooth out. I’ve used the subsurf modifier, but whenever I do that my my model gets these holes in them. It doesn’t appear to be the mesh though, so fill holes doesn’t do anything. I’ve tried EdgeSplit, and that doesn’t appear to help either. Applying Multires gets rid of some of the holes, but by the time it gets rid of the majority it seems to overload the computer, so I’m assuming that’s not the right way to do it.

Any help, even a link to a tutorial, would be much appreciated.


Subsurf pulls on your model tight. So you need a simple and strong topology (squares/quads)

You could do this without modifiers. Model quads then edit mode > W > Smooth until happy with shape.

It has separated faces, in Edit mode select all and Remove Double in the Tool shelf of the 3d viewport (or from menu->Mesh->Vertices)


Thank you both, these solved my problem.