Holes with Skin Modifier

Depending on the geometry, I often get holes and other undesirable artifacts when using the skin modifier (see below).

I am generating the geometry from data points, so I can’t “wiggle” them to fix this. Is this a known problem? Does anyone have any suggestions to fix it?



select the center vertex ,then Ctrl+A,try it, until the hole is disappeared.but the center part became bigger.
if you don’t like it ,you can apply the modifier ,then fix it manually.

It’s a known problem, the only way to fix is moving vertices , sometime moving a vertice of just 1 pixel can be enough to get a nasty hole or to close it.

Unfortunately the developer that coded the Skin modifier is not working on Blender anymore so chances of the Skin modifier problems being fixed one day are very low, as the other devs still working on Blender have their own things to do.


Thanks for that helpful suggestion. I will give it a try. But since I have hundreds (maybe thousands) of branches, it might not be practical for my particular application. But thanks for chiming in, and welcome to the forum!!


Thanks for confirming the problem. Blender is a fantastic and amazing tool provided to the world for free. Who could complain about that? I’ll add this to the list of possible contributions I might make if I ever accumulate enough skills to do so. Thanks again for your reply.

I’ve been browsing the source code. Is the skin modifier code found in the file:

blender/source/blender/modifiers/intern/MOD_skin.c ?