Holiday Animations


This video is a composite of 3 transparent animations on a black background.

The holly along the bottom with the blinking lights was made by using transparent images imported as planes as the render objects for a hair particle system along a horizontal cylinder (lots of tweaking of brownian, kink & roughness) Point lights were added and after setting an initial keyframe on the light’s power, a built-in function(sine) modifier was added in the graph editor. The function was altered uniquely for each light. Rendered in cycles as a Quicktime file with RGBA checked

The wreath animation was made by keyframing the bevel start factor on a bezier curve (the vine) that travels an irregular circular path 3 times and was rendered with an altered bezier circle as it’s bevel object and an unaltered bezier circle as its taper object. As the vine travels around the first 2 times transparent images imported as planes and put into position. ( in material settings reduce the specular to 0 , increase the roughness to 1, set the blend mode to alpha blend and the shadow mode to alpha clipped) Their scale is keyframed to go from 0 to final scale size as the vine passes. I found it helpful to select the previous keyframed image and the position the timeline cursor just past it, select the current image file at it’s final scale and set the keyframe, then move the timeline cursor back until the previous image is showing but still small, reduce the current image scale to 0 and keyframe. As the vine travelled around the third time point lights were added. Their power was keyframed then the timeline cursor was moved back a frame and the power set to 0 and keyframed. Rendered in Eevee as a Quicktime file with RGBA.

The snow animation was made by adding an emitter particle system to an overhead plane using a collection of transparent images imported as planes as the rendered Collection, reducing gravity to zero and adjusting the brownian and velocity settings. Rendered in cycles as a Quicktime file with the RGBA checked.

The strips were overlaid in a video sequencer file with the blend mode set to overdrop. A black color strip was added with blend mode set to Alpha Under. The file was rendered as an mp4.

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