Holiday Scene

My sisters and I whipped this up yesterday. Its pretty simple, but it turned out pretty good.

The gingerbread man is a little joke.

Rendered in Blender Internal (2.45).

cool, i love the snow and the lighting. The material for the eyes and buttons seems too plain, but maybe u didnt intend them to be peices of coal. And whts the joke about the gingerbread man? Ws tht done from a tute on how how to make gingerbread man? i remember following a tute on tht myself.

Well last year, we made a holiday scene and put the gingerbreadman (the first 3D model I made) in it. I guess it’s now like a tradition.

Could you explain the material you’ve used for the snow? It is very realistic.

Could you explain the material you’ve used for the snow? It is very realistic.
Okay, here goes:

Col: 0.901, 0.972, 1.000
Spe: 0.431, 0.465, 1.000



Ref: 0.829


Spec: 0.451
Hard: 155
Refr: 4.000

Emit: 0.250 (this value needs to be changed slightly to suit your lighting)

Color: 0.987, 0.903, 0.904
Radius R: 15.028
Radius G: 4.664
Radius B: 2.541
IOR: 2.000


Clouds texture type, Hard Noise
Noise: 2.000
Noise Depth: 5
Noise Basis: Voronoi F4

Map To: Col, Nor, Ref
Mix type: Divide
Col: 0.053
Nor: 4.93
Var: 0.835

Voronoi texture type, Int
Distance Metric: Minkovsky, Exp: 2.500
iScale: 2.790
Size: 0.835
W1: -1.020
W2: -0.885
W3: -1.089
W4: -0.287

Map To: Spec, Hard
Mix Type: Subtract
Col: 0.788
Var: 0.891

Magic texture type
Depth: 0
Turbulence: 39.23

Colorband: Bright: 1.456; Contr: 0.814
Cur 0:
Pos: 0.247
Color: 0.495, 0.483, 0.473
A: 0.000
Cur 1:
Pos: 0.790
Color: 0.178, 0.086, 0.020
A: 1.000
Cur 2:
Pos: 1.000
Color: 0.047, 0.042, 0.039
A: 1.000

Map To: Spec, Hard
Mix Type: Lighten
Col: 0.261
Var: 0.590

All parameters not mentioned are left at the default.

Thank you !