Holiday thought

Best wishes for whatever you celebrate this time of year!


Thanks for the wishes .There is a small problem whit the tip of the pen? Butt overall nice and crisp.
Cycles ?

Like the idea behind the image. But the overall look is IMO a little bit like a blender internal render (not that photo-realistic), don’t know what it is. And please can you explain, what is the (to me) undefined dark mass in the upper part of the image?

It looks nice! Yes i agree with ChrisX that there is problem with the tip of the pen but that is alright!:yes: Thanks for your wishes!

Cycles render.

‘Undefined’ - pieces of coal - the bad boys (and girls) get lumps of coal in their stockings, traditionally.

Not sure what the problem with the pen tip means - you can see it straight and refracted through the lens of the glasses, but I don’t see a problem with that.