Holiday's end

Today is the 82nd anniversary of Hitler’s Germany invasion of Poland. that started with bombs falling on Wieluń and Schleswig-Holstein battleship shelling Westerplatte, Gdańsk. This invasion escalated into WW2. Polish people were among its victims, supposed to be exterminated. By the way, German Nazis are also called hitlerowcy, meaning Hitlerites, in Poland.

What a terrible holiday’s end! I hope it won’t happen again. Today we are having another war - Covid 19 :cry:

You’re right and CoVID-19 is all but capitulating. Keep safe and healthy!

Covid-19 is the biggest vacation. It is a terrible vacation we all are ever had.

It is vacation season here in the US, with the majority of the nation’s kids enjoying their annual 10 weeks off of school. In less than a month the buses will begin rolling and the kids know that (which is why they are trying to finish off their fun list for the season).

When I was a kid, the end of July was about the time where I wondered where the time went, I did not think it was fair that time appeared to crawl when I was in the classroom while it flies during vacation. Now there are people in this country calling for a transition to the year-round schooling model common in other countries, so my quip on time may become a moot point eventually (even though year-round education is already possible for the rapidly increasing number of kids being homeschooled or in private settings).